Welcome to the Town of Lanigan


Community is a group of people who have decided to live together for their common good. There are many reasons we decide to adopt a community to live in.

In order that a community may grow, prosper and be a haven of well-being its citizens must respect each other and work together for the community good.

Lanigan celebrates its citizens who work together to make our community a better place for us to live in.  It is especially gratifying to see our younger generation take time in their busy lives to work on projects and assist where ever volunteers are needed. These actions will and do make our community a place to be proud to live in. They are the ones who renew the fabric of our great community.  They are the residents who will continue to make this community viable and a welcome place to call home.

Thank you to all who give us the greatest gift of treating and helping each other as they would like to be treated and helped.

Welcome to all our new residents who have come to make Lanigan their home and have become our neighbors and friends.

Welcome also to those who have come for a shorter stay in our community. May your stay be pleasant.

The employees of our town continue to provide us with a safe environment to live in.  We appreciate their work ethic and dedication.

Each and every one of our residents and surrounding area helps to improve and make our lives a pleasant, safe place to live in.

On behalf  of our family of Town Council, your dedicated town staff, it is in this spirit of THANK YOU to all who make our community and surrounding area what it is, that we extend to you all the love and blessings of this season upon you and all those whom you carry in your hearts.

The blessings of the ONE we celebrate be upon you always.

                                                                                  Mayor Andrew Cebryk