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As we take the opportunity, at this time of year, to pause and reflect upon the important things in our lives and that which is around us, we can look back on the year that has gone by and prepare for the year to come.

As we look back on the year gone by we realize that each of us has our special personalities and experiences which have affected us in the past year.

Every community takes on a personality of the combination of the personalities of its residents.  It reveals what its residents think and feel. The positive and negative feeling toward the community, toward each other is reflected on how the community is viewed by others. There will always be the ups and downs in all relationships.  The ups we celebrate and the downs we work upon so that eventually we can make them into something to celebrate.

We as a community have experienced the highs and lows of life. The down turn in the economy changed or rather slowed down our progress on the new water system and the expansion of the lagoon. Now that the agreements with the federal and provincial governments have been finalized, the plan is to go to tender with the drilling of the wells, refurbishing the water plant,  installing the water pipe line as well as expanding the lagoon to begin this work in the Spring of 2017. This will become a positive for our community.

Thank you to all who, in any way great or small, make our community a better place to live in.  A community that is safe and inviting for our children and all of us.

The Love, Peace, Joy and Blessings of the ONE we celebrate be upon you now and always.

                                                                     - Mayor Andrew Cebryk






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